Town Planning Appraisals

Development projects can be complex, costly and requires co-ordinating multiple professionals. Discuss your development concepts with a Town Planner early in your project.  Check that your business can operate lawfully in the premises you intend to trade from.


Development Applications

We complete town planning compliance checks for building certification or prepare code or impact assessable material change of use, subdivision or operational works applications. Pace planning works closely with associate development consultants to provide a complete development service.


Environmental Consultancy

Many developments require supporting environmental information if a site has an identified constraint.  We can complete your erosion and sediment control plans, geoscience assessments, bushfire hazard management, ecology and environmental impact assessments.


Meet our Team

At Pace Planning we believe there is a more exciting way to do development consultancy, we encourage communication and will always look for a solution. Pace Planning is family business founded in 2006, we are passionate about town planning and environmental management, and we are ready to take your development enquiries so you can achieve your development goals.

Brooke Wildin BSc (AES), MURP

Principal Town Planner

Brooke has worked in State planning legislation and policy development and as a local government strategic planner before becoming a private consultant. With over 20 years of professional practice, she is a wealth of information and is very passionate about Town Planning. Brooke is a big personality who is always delighted to answer your development questions.

Andy Snedden BEnvSc

Senior Environmental Scientist

With over eight years consultancy experience working on renewables, urban development, mining, rail, defence and major infrastructure projects across Australia. Andy has a strong capability of providing environmental assessments for our development applications.

Acacia Wildin-Snedden BUEP

Graduate Town Planner

Acacia gained top 5% in 2021 of her cohort and a Griffith University Deans Award for her efforts, she is enthusiastic and already demonstrating excellent skills in town and environmental planning.

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